Friday, May 15, 2015

Resolving Exchange Server Error 420, 421 and 422 Professionally

MS Exchange server is a mail server that provides facility to communicate within corporate sectors. It serves as Server that runs on Windows Server to store all mailbox items in EDB file formats. Usually, users observe unidentified errors in Exchange database and email server that disables all data saved in Exchange database files. The most common issues are found in SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) codes including Exchange Server error 420, 421 and 422.

Exchange Server 420 Error: 'Timeout communication problem encountered during transmission'

This particular error message is Novell GroupWise SMPT error popularly called SMPT Error 420. When 420 TCP Write Error is observe by users it is a clear indication that GroupWise Internet Agent is facing problems in transmitting message. When 420 SMTP errors are received for short span of time then it can be due to delay in transmitting attachments due to timeout error occurs. But when the same issue is encountered for long time it will queued up in the \WPGATE\DEFER directory for dispensation later on.

Cause: 420 SMTP Exchange error is likely to appear when receiver's anti spam firewall settings does not suited to the settings of server/Exchange Server IP address and HELLO commands etc. Too many 420 errors can also be a result of physical communication issues; it could be Server network card, network point switch, router, and firewall or Internet line problems.

Solution: When users observe this type of issues in Exchange Server then only way to solve around is using a secured tool named Ethereal or Wireshark. GroupWise users on Windows or Linux server on NetWare could prefer PacketScan which can be utilized from Microsoft official sites.

Exchange Server 421 Error: 'The Mail Transfer service is unavailable because of a transient event'

The above discussed error is result of many things that indicates status code returned by mail server is unavailable. For instance, administrator sometimes stops the mail service to troubleshoot some issues or its rebooting or in current state of mind there is lot of incoming messages receiving. Rapid arrival of 421 errors indicates that there is no more an issue with transient nature. To resolve the issue you need to contact network administrator or ISP support before all data goes in accessible mode.

Cause: The Exchange 421 also receives when the number of To, Cc and Bcc users increases in immediate SMTP connections than Internet Service provider permit to.

Solution: Try to send some messages for separate user with each of receivers in To and Cc fields. Try same method for all messages and wait for mail server to deliver mails, if still unresolvable then contact your Internet Service Provider.

Exchange Server Error 422: 'The recipient's mailbox is over its storage limit'

The above discussed error is result of either receiver’s mailbox is exceeding its storage limit or it could be message delivery directory is running over sized. When a user send message larger than incoming mail size limit then at receiver’s mail server the SMPT response 422 is received.

Solution: To resolve SMTP 422 error users are required to send the message according to mailbox sending limit.


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