Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Increasing Mailbox Size In Exchange 2010

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server developed by Microsoft. It is a reliable and flexible messaging platform that can lower messaging cost, increase productivity and safeguard your business with protection. There are four types of mailboxes available on Exchange server 2010.

User Mailbox: User mailbox is owned by the user to send and receive email messages. This mailbox cannot be used for resource scheduling.
Room Mailbox: Room Mailbox is used for scheduling meetings. It can be configured to automatically process incoming requests.
Equipment Mailbox: Equipment Mailbox can be used as a resource for scheduling meetings.
Linked Mailbox: Linked Mailbox is accessed by the users in separate Exchange trusted Forest. There should be user account in the forest in which Exchange Server resides.

Mailbox Limits

There is no size limitation on individual mailboxes size in Exchange 2010. The main factors that limit the mailbox limits are Available disk space, Service level agreements, and backup and restore times. The number of items on a folder or folders (like inbox, contacts, calendar etc) that are being accessed on the server is the main factor that influenced the performance.
Large number of items in a folder needs longer operation like adding a new column to view, sorting a new column, find and searches. Sometimes these requests may overlap with other requests, results a poor user experience.

Need For Increasing Mailbox Size In Exchange 2010

In many organizations, sometimes the Mailbox size is limited by the administrator to manage server storage capacity. It can create a problem for an individual to send or receive the new mail, if his/her mailbox has reached that limit. In this case there is a need to adjust mailbox size in Exchange 2010. User can easily send and receive his/her messages by increasing mailbox size in Exchange 2010.
User can set mailbox size in Exchange 2010. Exchange Server provides three options to increase mailbox size Exchange 2010 for all users. They are; Issue Warning At, Prohibit Send At and Prohibit Send and Receive At.
Follow underlying steps to increase mailbox size in Exchange server 2010.
  • Open Exchange Management Console
  • Click on Recipient Configuration and then click on Mailbox
    Exchange Management Console
  • Select the Mailbox from the list of mailbox databases
  • Right Click on Mailbox Database for whom you want to increase limit
  • Click on Properties from the contextual menu
  • The Mailbox Database Properties dialog box will be displayed
  • Click on Mailbox Settings Tab and then Click on Storage Quotas. The Storage Quotas dialog box will appear.
  • Deselect the Use Mailbox database Defaults checkbox. This option enables you to set the Issue Warning, Prohibit Send and Prohibit Send and Receive limits.
    Mailbox Settings
  • Change the limits according to your needs
  • Click on OK.

What if the Mailbox is corrupted due to its Large Size?

Above explained method can be used to increase the size of your Mailbox. However, it may be possible that Exchange 2010 increase mailbox size not updating. Sometimes, Mailbox gets corrupted before its size is increased, in such a case you can use any commercial tool to recover your Mailbox data. Exchange Recovery Software is recommended by experts to recover your Mailbox in the case of corruption. The Exchange Mailbox Recovery tool can recover even a permanently deleted data and facilitates you to export your data in PST, PDF, MSG , EML and Live Exchange Server.


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