Friday, May 19, 2017

Restore Accidentally Deleted Mailbox in Exchange 2013

There could be situation when you accidentally delete crucial items from Exchange 2013 mailbox. The concept to recover deleted mailbox items in Exchange 2013 is much easier as of other previous Exchange server versions. If you are well-known with Exchange, then you must know that it offers several ways to restore disabled mailbox in Exchange. However, by default the deleted mailbox items remain in the database only for a limit period i.e 30 days only. 

Therefore, you can retrieve deleted mailbox items by creating a user object and then connecting to the user account to the corresponding dissconnected mailbox, within the specific period. So, in this article we will be going to discuss the steps to repair Deleted mailbox and their items. Along with this we will discuss a third party “Exchange Recovery” tool to make the process more simpler & easier.

Ways to Restore Deleted Mailbox in Exchange 2013

There are three ways through which you can restore disabled mailbox in Exchnage. Those are mentioned below: 

• Recovery through OWA (Outlook Web Access) 
• Deleted emails recovery using Outlook
• Repair Deleted mailbox and its item recovery using third party tool ie. “Exchange Recovery”

Repair Deleted Mailboxes Using OWA

1.  Find Mailbox store in Exchange System Manager which contain all disconnected mailboxes.
2.  Under the mailbox store click the Mailboxes option to find all the disconnected mailboxes. 
3.  First, find the mailbox and then verify it that it isn’t marked as disconnected.
4.  Right click on the Mailboxes object and then select Cleanup Agent. 

Now, you can easily right click on disconnected mailbox which you want to recover and then click on Reconnect. You can now select the appropriate user account where you need to connect the mailbox and click OK.

Deleted Email Recovery using Outlook

To recover deleted mailbox in Exchange 2013, create a new user object in Active Directory Users & computers. Always clear the “Create an Exchange Mailbox” check box while creating a new user object. You can then connect this user object with the corresponding dissconnect mailbox. Repeat the above procedure which we have discussed above. Follow the steps 1-4 to connect the deleted mailbox to the user object. Through this method you can easily recover deleted mailbox items.

Restore Deleted Mailbox items in Exchange

If you have unknowingly deleted important emails and now you wish to recover them back in the inbox then you can try the below mentioned steps to recover deleted mailbox. 

If you are using Outlook email client, below are the steps:

1. Open Outlook and then select Recover Deleted Items from the folder menu. 
2. Now, click the emails & select Restore Selected Items option. With this the item will be restored to the appropriate folder in user’s account. 

But, if you click Purge or Purge Selected items option, selected items will be permanently deleted from the deleted folder and will never be recovered using any manual method.

Alternative Solution to Restore Disabled Mailboxes in Exchange

We have discussed various manual methods to restore deleted mailbox in Exchange 2013. But these manual methods are time consuming and are sometime difficult to use with different options. In such case you can try a third party tool i.e “Exchange Recovery” which can easily or quickly recover dismounted Exchange server mailboxes to Outlook or Live Exchange server that you couldn’t restore using manual procedures. All the deleted items as well as mailboxes can be easily recovered from the stored Offline EDB file using the software but all you need to make sure that the deleted mailboxes lies within the mailbox retention period.


After understanding the need to recover deleted mailbox items, in this post, we have discussed both methods i.e the manual & with the help of third party utlity “Exchange Recovery”. We have also discussed some limitations of manual methods to restore disabled mailbox. This alternative method is useful for those users who do not have more knowledge of the technology & cannot recover deleted mailbox in Exchange.


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