Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Recover Exchange Mailbox from Private EDB File

Microsoft Exchange Server is a flexible platform to offers email services along with Outlook email application as client side. Both the products of Microsoft brings a seamless experience to its users. In New Version of Exchange Environment, single Database is created to stored Client information. Whereas in Older Version of Exchange Two File formats such as ”Private” and “Public” Database file is created. When User Mailboxes created

With Exchange, Administrator can configure account New Mailbox Database to save Message information not shared with other Exchange Users.

Since Corruption can occur in both Priv.edb and Pub.edb Database file in Exchange environments. Some Error can lead to corruption in the Private EDB File, some are given below. Therefore, in the below section, we discussed some Manual & Automated Solution to Recover Exchange Mailbox from Private EDB file.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Your Guide to Import PST to Office 365 Portal

import pst to office 365 portal

My organisation is moving to Office 365 and so I am looking for a simple solution for transferring PST files to Office 365 which ensures no data loss. There are about 500 PST files which are to be migrated. Please provide me a sure shot solution to import PST to Office 365 portal.
Thanks in advance!"

As we know, these days every other organization is moving its entire database on the cloud. Due to the benefits a user experiences while storing their data on the cloud, like data integrity and security. It is quite common for a user to have a query like the one mentioned above. Here we have mentioned multiple solutions which can upload PST into Office 365  portal effortlessly.

These are the multiple methods to move PST to Office 365

Thursday, October 18, 2018

New-MailboxExportRequest Exchange 2010 Couldn't Connect to The Source Mailbox

Query: “Are you trying to export primary mailbox data from Exchange to archive Outlook PST file format using New-MailboxExportRequest command and getting Exchange new-mailboxexportrequest couldn't connect to the source mailbox issue? So, let’s know how to fix new-mailboxexportrequest failed error in a proper way. The below solution is applicable to Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010.”
The MS Exchange Server has a feature to export the contents of a primary mailbox or archive to a PST file with the help of New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet. User can create more than one mailbox export request per mailbox and each mailbox export request should have a unique name.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fixed Exchange Server HTTP 500 Internal Error - 2016 | 2013 | 2010

Query: “Are you getting http 500 internal server error in Microsoft Exchange 2016, 2013 and 2010 ECP/OWA after login? Don’t worry, Read this blog and get the best solution for Exchange server error 500.”

Most of the time it seems that whenever you login to your Exchange Admin centre (EAC) a common Exchange server http 500 error occurs. The main source of this problem is caused due to improper configuration of the device. The Error indicates that the device tried to establish a connection with the server, but the request was rejected with an error message by the Exchange server itself. Let's see the solution of Exchange Server 500 error.

Friday, August 31, 2018

New Mailboximportrequest Baditemlimit In Exchange 2013 / 2010 - Fixed

Moving Outlook mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange Server has always been a challenging task. Exchange users can Import PST file to Exchange environment with the help of two methods.

a)  PowerShell Command -  New-mailboximportrequest
b)  Exchange Admin Center   - Import / Export option 

Powershell Command helps the user to import file easily to Exchange mailboxes effectively if a user follows the correct command in a proper way, otherwise, a user faced a different kind of error such as large items size, bad items limit and lead to failed process. One of the frequently occurring error in Exchange is ‘new-mailboximportrequest baditemlimit failed’.  Take a look on some scenarios related to this issue:

Monday, August 13, 2018

Import Multiple PST Files into Exchange 2010 / 13 / 16 – Complete Guide

PowerShell Commands play an important role in Exchange to manage all the activity via Command prompt. It would be the best way for the administrator to troubleshoot Exchange Server related issues.

Some condition arises where the user needs to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST Using PowerShell as well as import a single PST file to the Microsoft Exchange Server environment, then PowerShell cmdlet is a good option. However, Using PowerShell to import multiple PST files into Exchange 2010, 2013, 2010 and other not a good option. Since whenever the number of PST data file increases or user try to import file in bulk, the cmdlets becomes more complex and consumes lots of time. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Exchange Management Toolbox - Manage All Issues of Exchange Database

For Exchange administrator managing Exchange mailboxes in an efficient way is very a challenging task.  Different issues arise in Exchange such as corruption in EDB files, exporting Exchange mailbox files in other file format supported by various email clients etc. Now, the user can eliminate all the issues and challenges associated with the mailbox data by adopting Exchange Management Toolbox. The Exchange Server Toolbox is a cluster of 8 utilities that are integrated to provide a complete solution to troubleshoot all Exchange issues related to recovery, view, import or export of the EDB files.