Friday, February 12, 2016

Exchange Server 2010 Services Not Starting - Fix the Issue

Exchange Server is a mail server developed by Microsoft Corporation. Exchange Server uses the MAPI protocol and provides supports for POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and EAS. MS Exchange Server 2010 provides a reliable messaging platform with some additional features like personal archive, Shadow redundancy etc.

MS Exchange Server Services

Services are type of application that runs on background of system and provides operating system features like event logging, file serving, error reporting, web serving etc. Microsoft Exchange Server offers number of services, which runs on MS Exchange Server for providing core system features to the users.
Local Services
Problem: Exchange Server 2010 services not starting automatically after a reboot.
Symptoms: Server can take a long time to shut down and following events may be recorded. You can view those events by using Event Viewer.
  • There may be an unexpected error having the event ID 1005. Due to this error, local security authority is not able to contact ID no 80090304.
  • You may see a warning message of Event ID 2601 and error code 80040934. Due to this error MS Active Directory service will be continuing but with limited permissions.
  • Error code 0x96e can also appear on your screen having the event id 5000. Due to this error MS Exchange information store, service is unable to initialize.
Cause: Usually it happens because Exchange Server also depends on some Windows services such as Windows Update Client, Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), etc., and sometimes the Exchange Server Services starts before the Windows services on which Exchange server depends or it can also happen if your service type is manual & not auto.
NoteNewer versions of Exchange Server have less dependency on MS Exchange System attendant. Therefore, the symptoms may differ from the above-explained symptoms.


If the Exchange Server 2010 services not starting automatically then you can start the required Exchange Server Services manually by following below mention steps.
  • Click on Start, Select Administrative Tool and then click on Services
  • Search for Exchange Server Services and check the Status of the Services
  • Select the Service that does not start and Right Click on it
  • Click on Start in Dropdown menu
  • As you click on start, Service Control window will appear on your screen showing you that Windows is attempting to start the selected Exchange server service. The Service control Window will automatically disappear after changing the Status to start.
    Service Control
  • Now check startup type of the Exchange Service and if the service type is automatic then click on Properties.
    Exchange Server Address Book
  • As you click on Properties, MS Exchange Service Properties window will appear on your screen. Now, select General tab and change the start type to Automatic (Delayed Start).
    Microsoft Exchange Server Address Book Properties
  • Click on Apply and then Click on OK.
You can also change the type of Exchange server services by modifying the registry however, serious problems may occur with the system performance at the slightest of error. Therefore, we always suggest ignoring modification of the registry.


In this post we have discussed about Exchange Server services not starting error. If you are also facing other errors related to Exchange server like: Error Code 1603 or any other error then you can review this blog.
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