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Troubleshoot Outlook Exchange Connection

MS Outlook users are familiar with two file storage files among which is OST file that comes into action when the user wants to work in offline mode. Any alterations made during offline mode will be updated when the OST file is synchronized with Exchange Server. Sometimes, user comes across several type of connection issues when they try to access the MS Outlook account and they cannot connect Outlook with the Exchange Server. In this blog, we will be discussing the Outlook and Exchange Server Connection Problems faced by users and the way to troubleshoot the issues encountered.

You may have Encountered these Situation when connecting Outlook with Exchange Server:
  • The connection to Microsoft Exchange is Unavailable Outlook 2010
  • Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action 2007
  • The action cannot be completed. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable Outlook 2010/2013
  • The name cannot be resolved. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable
  • Microsoft Outlook not connecting to server

Connection Issues in MS Outlook and Exchange Server
Issues arise when users are not be able to connect the Outlook account with the Exchange Server. Some of the common issues that can be easily resolved are as follows: 
  1. I cannot connect to my Exchange Account It is one of the commonly faced problem when user of Outlook account cannot connect it with the Exchange Server. This error may be encountered due to one of the following reasons stated below:
    • Account Credentials or Exchange Server Name is not correct
    • Outlook is set to work offline mode
    • The internet connection is unavailable
    • The Server that is running the MS Exchange Server is unavailable.
    • Exchange account may require you to log on using encrypted channel
    • The system may require mail proxy server to connect to Exchange Server
    The above error can be resolved by logging with correct account credentials, Check if Outlook is set online, having proper internet connection, check MS Exchange Server connection, or contact Exchange Administrator.
  2. I cannot send or receive mail in my Exchange Account This error may occur when the items from an Exchange account are stored in the Outlook cache. If the cache is corrupted, it may lead to synchronization problems between Outlook account and Exchange Server. One possible solution is to empty the cache in Outlook in order to make the Outlook can download all the items from MS Exchange Account.
  3. Trying to connect or Disconnected due to improper synchronization
    Connect or Disconnect
    The ‘Disconnected’ message is usually displayed on the right bottom side on the Outlook status bar when the outlook is not able to connect with MS Exchange Server due to synchronization problems. This error may be encountered if
    • Outlook user is working in offline mode by selecting ‘Work Offline’ option under SEND/RECEIVE column.
    • Exchange Server may be down/unavailable and credentials may be incorrect.
    • Check if the Server address is correct from File>Account settings>double click on Exchange email address to verify the correct server address.
    We can resolve by disabling Work offline option or by checking the server address or check if the server is available to connect it with Outlook.
    Server Settings
  4. Outlook connection issues with Exchange mailboxes related to RPC encryption settings Several errors may occur if the user has disable the check box of Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. It occurs because the default configuration of Exchange Server 2013 requires RPC Encryption from Outlook client and disabling the encryption option prevents the client from connecting with Exchange Server.
    Some of the error messages that may be displayed are as follows:

In order to avoid these errors, we need to update or create Outlook account with RPC Encryption enabled. This option is enabled by default when we create the account. However, if we need to update it manually in an existing profile, we can follow these steps:
  • Control Panel>Mail>Show Profiles
  • Properties> E-mail accounts
  • Double click the Exchange account
  • Server settings dialog box will be opened
  • Click More Settings
  • Click on security column
  • Enable the checkbox for RPC Encryption
  • Click OK >Next>Finish
    Microsoft Exchange Security
In the above content, we have discussed some of the common errors encountered by MS Outlook user when they need to connect it to MS Exchange Server. The page covers several issues in details and their possible causes to repair Exchange EDB. In the last part of each issue, feasible solutions to resolve the issues have been stated. 


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