Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Exchange 2010 PowerShell Import PST to Mailbox Folder

Hello people, today we are going to discuss about importing PST file data to Exchange Server Mailbox. It is not actually a very tough work to do but if you are accessing Exchange Management Shell or PowerShell for first time then you might feel odd. Anyway, without thinking about, let’s proceed to the demonstration of Exchange 2010 PowerShell Import PST to Mailbox Folder.

We will perform import using Exchange Management Shell but you can do the same using PowerShell too, you can choose anyone from both. We are about to discuss it in steps, so let’s go:
  1. First of all we will open Exchange Management Shell by going through the start menu and then click on it. You can see the fig 1 for reference of this step. 
    Figure 1: Open Exchange Management Shell
  2. After clicking on Exchange Management Shell, you will see the same screen as shown in fig 2. 
    Figure 2: Exchange Management Shell
  3. First, we have to assign access role of Active Directory services to the current user. In my case I am using the current PC as Administrator user. You can write your user name in the place of Administrator and the domain name in the place of MAILTEST. You can see the fig 3 for reference.
    Command Example:
    New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role “Mailbox Import Export” –User “MAILTEST\Administrator”.
    Figure 3: Assign Active Directory Access to User
     After successfully executing the command, restart Exchange Management Shell.
  4. Now copy PST file and paste to the shared folder, if you have not created shared folder then you have to create it & allow read & execute permission to Exchange Trusted Subsystem. You can learn it from my post Export Mailbox to PST Exchange 2010, just follow till 9 steps or till figure 11.
  5. Now we can run command for importing PST file data items to Mailbox. You can see an example of command. You just need to replace mailbox name from newabcdef to your mailbox name and replace file path to your file path. You can see fig 4 for reference of this step.
    Command Example:
    New-MailboxImportRequest –filepath \\win8\abc\abcdef.pst -mailbox newabcdef
    win8 is server name.
    abcdef.pst is PST file which we want to import.
    abc is a shared folder.
    newabcdef is a mailbox in which we want to import data items. 
    Figure 4: Run Import Mailbox command
  6. After executing above command we can check import status using Get-MailboxImportRequest Command. You can see fig 5 for reference of this step. If you see status completed then you can access your mailbox. 
    Figure 5: Check Import Status
  7. After successful import you can login to your exchange server mail account and you will see all your imported items.


In this post we discussed about Exchange 2010 PowerShell Import PST to Mailbox Folder. It is straightforward method to import Exchange Emails, calendars, tasks, etc., from Outlook PST file to Exchange Mailbox.


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