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571 Delivery Not Authorized Message Refused Exchange Server: Resolved

Hello Guys, Today we are going to discuss about Error "571 Delivery Not Authorized" of Exchange Server. In the last post we had discussed about Moving Mailboxes in Exchange Server using EAC and Shell Commands.
As you might know that Exchange is a collaborative enterprise server which includes and offers communication medium to clients in connection to it. People working in an organization send and receive emails to each other. At times, the recipient may not receive the email from a particular sender, which may be the case of an unauthorized sender. The sender can be internal or external to the network domain; the sender must have a permission to send an email to the user of a particular destination server. If the sender of the message has no permission then system will pop up an error.
This type of error will state the following message: ‘571 Delivery Not Authorized Message Refused Exchange Server’. The blog will be discussing about the same error and the possible solution to troubleshoot this error.

About the Error 571

Error 571 means sender is not authorized to send message to destination. This error always arises when receiver is not able to receive messages from the Internet, Email Clients, and from other Email Server.
Connector plays a great role in this issue. In the next section, we will discuss the importance of connector and its different types.
Connectors are used for controlling the incoming and outgoing flow of messages. With the help of connectors, users can route inbound and outbound flow of mails within the organization or outside the organization.
There are two types of connectors Send Connectors and Receive Connectors.
Send Connectors control the outbound flow of messages. They are configured on Mailbox Server running the transport service.
Receive Connectors are present in mail server to control the inbound messages to Exchange Server. The receiver connectors are configured on computer running Microsoft Exchange Server.

Receive Connectors and Error 571

Receive Connectors are installed in the front-end service on Client Access Server. They can be created in Exchange Administration Center.
Receiver connectors are required for internal mail flow that is created when Mailbox Server is installed in the system. When Exchange organization receives mails from Internet or from external email server, Receive connector controls the inbound flow. The permissions are imposed on the connectors that determine whether the session is accepted or not and determines how the received messages are processed.
When Receiver Connector receives messages from any specified IP address, port number or IP address range, then it will accept the inbound message. If the inbound message is not from a specified source then Receive connector will block that message and start showing error message 571 Delivery Not Authorized Message Refused Exchange Server.

How to Eliminate Error 571?

If user wants to receive message from any IP address, port number or remote IP address and Internet, then user can create Receiver Connectors by using Exchange Administration Centre (EAC) or by using “permissiongroup” parameter.

How to Create Receive Connector Using EAC for Internet?

  1. In the EAC, go to Mail flow > Receive connectors
  2. Click Add + to create a Receive connector
  3. On the new receive connector page, specify a name for the Receive connector
  4. Select Frontend Transport for the Role
  5. Choose Internet


Organizations using Exchange Server has very high security in order to make users safe from any malicious activity. Unauthorized user can not send mails to the organization. If it happens then system will start showing error 571 Delivery Not Authorized Message Refused Exchange Server. It is a very common issue when users are using the Exchange Server. Users can easily tackle this problem by creating Receiver Connectors and adding permissions on it.


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