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Procedure to Assign Send as Permission in Exchange 2010

In MS Exchange Server 2010, there is a feature called Send as Permissions that needs to be assigned for a mailbox to allow users other than mailbox owner to send messages using that particular mailbox. After the permission is granted, any messages that are sent from mailbox will seem like they were sent by mailbox owner. The blog will be describing the process on how to assign Send as Permission in Exchange Server 2010.

Things to know before assigning “Send as Permission”

Send as Permission will not be granted until replication occurs. Replication times depend on Exchange & network configuration. In order to grant the permission immediately, we need to stop & restart the Service of MS Exchange Information Store. However, it should be kept in mind that we cannot send emails from the mailbox if the mailbox is hidden from address lists. While doing so, the SMTP address is understood as an address that does not belongs to the organization and is denied. Outlook users may receive the error message below while trying to send message on behalf of mailbox hidden from address lists:
  • Online Mode -> while clicking on Send option, user gets an error that they do not have permission to send by specified user
  • Offline (Cached Exchange) Mode -> Outlook will send the message at the initial point but user gets Non Delivery report. The error message says you do not have permission to send the message and verification is needed that message is sent from correct sender or we need to ask system administrator to get the permission.

How to enable Send as Permissions for a Mailbox

There are two ways to enable Send as Permissions for a Mailbox stated below:

Using EMC

Steps that need to be followed to assign Send as Permission using EMC are:
  • In the Exchange Management Console, click on Recipient Configuration.
  • Select a Recipient and we will manage Send as Permission for the several recipient types: Discovery mailboxes, user mailboxes and resource mailboxes
  • After selecting the recipient, right-click on it and click on Manage Send as Permission
  • On the new window for Manage send as permission, choose the desired users/groups that you wish to grant permission or remove permission
  • Click on Add button to open the Select User or Group box for selecting the desired users for granting permission.
  • Click on Delete to remove the Send as Permission from that user/group.
  • After reviewing the changes, click on Finish to close the wizard
  • Status can be checked where Completed means task was successfully executed and Failed means task could not be completed, click on Back to make the changes again
  • Select the Finish button to end the process

Use Shell Commands

To assign the Send as Permissions for a mailbox, we will use the Add-ADPermission command. We need to define the name of the mailbox on which ‘Send as Permission’ should be added & the mailbox that should be granted permission. ExtendedRights parameter should specify the send as permission. We will use the below commands to manage Send as permissions:
Add-ADPermission “Name of the user” –User “Domain\User” –ExtendedRights “Send As”


The blog will be discussing on how we can assign Send as Parameter feature to configure the mailbox in Exchange 2010 making users other than mailbox owner access the mailbox to send the messages like a real owner. It further defines that we can enable the Send as Parameter using Exchange Management Console or by using Shell commands.

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