Thursday, November 23, 2017

Know How to Migrate Microsoft Exchange to Amazon WorkMail (AWS)

Are you looking for a solution to export Microsoft Exchange to Amazon WorkMail? If yes then, you are absolutely at the right place. In this blog, we have come up with an easiest and convenient approach that helps to move Exchange to AWS.

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most popular mail server used by professionals for data synchronization and communication purpose. However, when installing MS Exchange Server users have faced several server issues. So, everyone wants to move towards AWS due to its advanced features. It is basically secure and managed business email as well as calendar service with support for existing desktop and mobile applications. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss a perfect solution to migrate Exchange to Amazon WorkMail without facing any difficulty. 

“I have been working on MS Exchange for a long time. Nevertheless, now I have decided to move my mailbox from Exchange to AWS. I have searched for different solutions, but I was unable to find any suitable procedure. Please tell me if there is any trusted method to migrate Exchange data to the web-based application. Someone, please help me.”

What Makes Amazon WorkMail Unique?

Well, Amazon WorkMail is a secure program that can manage business email and calendar service with support for existing desktop as well as mobile email applications. It can provide the capability to access all emails, contacts, and calendars using mail client programs like Microsoft Outlook, native iOS, and Android email applications, any client application supporting the IMAP protocol, or directly through the web browser. Even users can integrate Amazon WorkMail with an existing corporate directory, use a journaling message to meet compliance requirements, and control both keys that encrypt the data and the desired location where data is stored. Also, users can set up interoperability with Exchange Server and makes it easy to start with Amazon WorkMail.

Manual Steps to Move Messages From Exchange Mailbox

Users can migrate mailbox from Exchange to Amazon WorkMail using below steps as such:

Step 1. Create or Enable Users on Amazon WorkMail

While creating a new user, Amazon WorkMail can create all mailboxes for them. Further, users can sign in and access their email from Amazon WorkMail web application, mobile phone, or MS Outlook on Mac platform or PC. 

To create new users
  • First of all, Login to Amazon WorkMail console 
  • If required, then, change the region. From a navigation bar, select the particular region that meets your desire. For more detail, view Regions and Endpoints inside the AWS General Reference. 
  • In an Organizations screen, choose the organization's alias from the list of organizations 
  • From the left navigation panel, select Users to display a list of all users within the directory, including disabled, enabled, and system users 

  • Now, for creating a new user, select Create User option 
  • From Add the details for your new user wizard, type the first and last name, username, and display the name and then, press Next button 
  • In the Setup email address and password screen, enter an email address and password of the user and select an option Add user.

Step 2: Transfer Data to Amazon WorkMail

In order to convert all mailboxes, you need to assign Amazon WorkMail user as the data migration administrator. You must specify the migration administrator in the multiple ways: 
  • In the AWS console, Add a new user migration_admin or create user migration_admin inside Active Directory and enable this user for Amazon WorkMail web application 
  • From the AWS console, in the Organizations settings screen, under Migration settings, select Edit button, and then, specify that you have designated as the migration administrator for this migration_admin field.

Step 3: Using third Party Tool to Complete the Migration

Now, you can take help of a reliable third party tool that will help to migrate data from Exchange to Amazon WorkMail. With an automated solution, users can perform Exchange to AWS conversion efficiently.

Time to finish Up

Migration from one to another platform is very common nowadays and when it comes to moving towards Amazon WorkMail, users have to face various challenges. Therefore, we have discussed a manual solution to perform Exchange to Amazon WorkMail migration. We have also discussed an automated solution that can help for the accomplishment of the process.


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