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Fix Exchange 2007 Event ID 1022 Error 1245

Exchange 2007 Event ID 1022 Error 1245: Logon Failure

Exchange administrators generally put some kind of restrictions on storage and email size so as to manage the size of database. First one is Storage Quota for mailbox! By default, a size for mailbox is defined through the mailbox database size. However, this can customized later and a mailbox can be assigned more or less size for storage. If this limit is crossed, the application sends a message to mailbox owner informing about the defined quota. For example: when a mailbox exceeds the defined quota, “Exchange 2007 event id 1022 error 1245” message is continuously displayed on screen every time attempt to access mailbox is made.

For various reasons, users do not prefer to have limitations on mailbox. May be they never come across the need to do so or most probably they do not know its advantage. However, if look deeper, there are numerous benefits of configuring message and mailbox limit except from the fact that they help to maintain the database well. Let us have a look over some of the advantaged of having message/mailbox quota for Exchange®.

Improved Performance: When Exchange mailbox increases in size, the storage subsystem becomes weak to handle input/output throughput. This eventually affects overall performance of application.

Anti-Virus Scanning: If a file for scanning is large, anti-virus will surely utilize more resources of a system and this will slow down overall scanning process.  Plus, anti-spam protection systems generally do not scan messages that exceed specific size.

How to Check Mailbox Database Quota in Exchange 2007 
a)   Open EMC and move to “Server Configuration”. Click on “Mailbox” node.
b)    Click on “Database Management” tab and select the mailbox database for which quota has to be checked. Right click on it and choose “Properties”.
c)    Click on “limits” tab to see details of mailbox database quota.
Check the limit from “Issue Warning at (KB)” section. This is the limit after which warning email will be sent to the user.
Prohibit Send at (KB)” is the limit when the application restricts the user to send an email due to database size approaching the defined limit.
Mailbox database Properties
Prohibit send and receive at (KB)” is the limit when the application will restrict the users to send or receive any mail.

How to Check Individual Mailbox Quota in Exchange 2007
a)    Open EMC and move down to “Recipient Configuration”
b)    Select the mailbox whose quota has to be checked. Right click on it and choose “Properties”.
c)    Click on “Mailbox Settings” tab and then double-click on “Storage Quotas” button.
Individual Mailbox Quota

How to Check Message Quota in Exchange 2007
Open EMC and move down to “Server Configuration”.
Select “Hub Transport” >> “Global Settings”. Double-click “Transport Settings”
Transport Settings

Maximum Receive Size (KB)” defines the limit of email that can be received or is permitted to reside into the inbox

Maximum Send Size (KB)” defines that an email of this specified size can be sent through the user-mailbox account
If mailbox limits are extended, Exchange 2007 event id 1022 error 1245-logon failure on database can be encountered, restricting users to access respective mailbox. In order to fix the problem, the set limits for mailbox, database, or messages can be extended.


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