Friday, November 28, 2014

Exchange Server Address & Setup Exchange Account on Iphone

Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the best Servers used across the globe for communication in businesses. It provides many facilities to the end users like; a complete command  to the administrators, Data centralization, etc.  If you are using Microsoft Exchange Server in your business, you may require Exchange Server Address to solve many problems like; internet connection issue and many more problems related to accessing Exchange account on Iphone. Microsoft Exchange Server offers great administration power like; disabling User Account, Changing password of the users account, etc.

Steps to Find Out Exchange Server Address:-

  • Open MS Outlook Email Application:- Server address can be easily captured from the MS Outook client. So firstly, open MS outlook application from its installed location.
  • Select Tool from the Menu:- From the MS Outlook menu, select Tool and a drop down list will open.
  • Select Account Setting From the Drop Down List:- To view your Outlook account setting and information, open Account Settings.
  • Find Out Your Exchange Mail Account Within The List :- All the accounts that you are managing in the Microsoft Outlook will be appearing in the list. Highlighted account is the account that is currently active.
  • Select Your Exchange Mail Account:- Select your Exchange mail account to find out Exchange Server address of your account.
  • Click On The Change Option:- Now click on the Change Option. This option will show the information of your Current Selected account.
  • Now Discover The Exchange Address:- Now find out the exchange address that will look like

Another Way To Find An Exchange Server Address (Using Control Panel):-

  • First, click on Start.
  • Then open Control Panel.
  • Double click on Mail in the control panel. If you are unable to find, you can also search it on the Search bar given on top of the Control Panel.

  • As the Mail Setup dialog box that opens on double clicking Mail, Click on the Show Profile.
  • It will show the profiles that have already been added in the Outlook.
  • Now click on the Properties
  • A new dialog box will open. In this dialog box, click on Email Accounts. Dialog box of account setting will open. Now click on the Change Icon .

  • Now Double click on your Account, find out the Exchange address that may look like:

Why Exchange Server Address is required?

To setup email account in the Iphone using MS Exchange; Exchange Server Adress, Username, and Exchange Domain is required. The user name Exchange Domain is also available in the Change E-mail Setting.

Finding Out Exchange Server Address on Exchange Management Console:-

Exchange Management Console presents as a GUI interface of all the items of the Organization. Any number of servers can be managed with the help of Exchange Management Console. Exchange Management Console helps us to view all user details. With the help of EMC, we can view the email addresses of any user. We can also find out the Exchange server address of the particular user if we want. To view Exchange server address of any user using EMC follow the following steps:-

Action è Properties

Setting up an Exchange Account on iPhone:-

SettingèMail, Contacts, CalendersèAdd Account
Then Click on Microsoft Exchange
Enter the Account information and press Next
                Email:- Enter your Email Address.
                Username:- Enter your Username
                Password: - Enter your password for Exchange Account
                Description: - Enter the Title that identifies group setting.
After entering all this information the device will try to Configure Exchange Server address automatically. If the process was not able to determine the Exchange server address that you have to enter it manually.
The device will offer sync the Exchange server immediately, if don’t want to sync at that time you can sync latter


From the above information we can analyze the importance of Exchange Server Adress, and can understand the procedure to setup Exchange Account on Iphone


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