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Google Apps Migration to Microsoft Exchange 2016/2013/2010/2007

Migration is important nowadays to meet all the requirements of an organization. Sometimes it becomes very important to move the data from one to another platform. One is such migration is Google Apps migration to Microsoft Exchange. The procedure for this is not easy to find and therefore users have to go through different challenges. Especially, to find the manual solution is tougher. Therefore, we are going to discuss a very simple method for Google Apps to Exchange 2016/2013/2010/2007 migration. Let us first discuss some reasons behind the conversion process.

Reasons behind Google Apps Migration to Exchange

•Sometimes transferring data from Google Apps to MS Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 becomes important when users want to access the data from cloud to local server.
•Switching from one to another company or organization may also become the reasons for this conversion.

Consider this scenario to understand it a clearer way

Shifting the data has always been a tough task for me. I never thought that there would be a day when I have to perform it all my own. Actually, in the company where I was previously working used Google app for their data storage and cross-communication. However, I shifted to new company. It is the second branch of my older company and everyone use Exchange Server here. My boss told me a method to transfer G Suite to Exchange 2013 platform, but that method does not work for me. Now the reason behind writing this post it that I want to know a proper and simple method (if possible) for moving the entire data from Google Apps to MS Exchange. It is really important for me as the entire data is very crucial. Please guide me on the same.

Brilliant Trick for Google Apps to Exchange Migration

As the matter of fact, that manual solution is hard to find, therefore, users can perform this conversion task using two steps. These steps are easy to perform and can help users to migrate G Suite data to Microsoft Exchange.
Step 1: Convert Google Apps Mailbox to PST
Step 2: Import PST to Exchange

Step 1: Perform Google Apps to Outlook PST Conversion

This is also not possible via manual strategy. However, there is no need to worry as users can do this using a third party tool. Google Apps Backup Tool is one such automated solution. With the help of this software, it becomes very easy to take the backup of the entire Google App mailbox to PST file format. One of the best things about this utility is that it keeps the data safe and secure. It can move emails along with the attachments, documents, calendars, etc. Moreover, it does not have any file size limitations and compatible with all versions of Windows Operating system.

Step 2: Import PST File to Exchange Server

This can be done manually using three different commands as mentioned below:
•Configuration of Mailbox Import/Export Management Role

It is recommended to prepare a group for doing this role and add users as per the requirement. Moreover, in case you are generating a group it should be Universal Security Group. After this, run this command in Exchange Management Shell as mentioned below:

New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Name “MailboxImportExport” –SecurityGroup “groupname" –Role “Mailbox Import Export” 

Now, close the Management Shell & log off. Then, back on again.

•Import Process
Users can perform the import process in two ways, one is bulk and the other one is selective. The command for Exchange 2007 and 2010 are same as mentioned.

  • Bulk Import Command:

Get-Mailbox | Import-Mailbox –PSTFolderPath x:\Full_Path_To_PST_Files

x:\Full_Path_To_PST_Files  signifies the exact location of Outlook PST files

  • Single Import Command:

Import-Mailbox –Identity “Provided_Name” – PSTFolderPath x:\Full_Path_To_PST_File.PST

NOTE: It is important to specify the real name of PST file while performing single import via command.

Alternative Solution

If users want to move the data directly into Exchange from Google Apps, then there is a tool for this as well. Google Apps to Exchange Migration Tool is an excellent utility for this. This is the simplest method for complete G Suite backup user data. In addition, it keeps the entire data safe and secure, maintains the folder hierarchy, and even provides the option of selective migration. It can perform the shifting task with some few clicks and without any limitations.

The Bottom Line

The popularity of Exchange for business needs is inevitable. It is a secured platform to maintain the continuity of the work without any issues. This is the reason that at times Google Apps users wish to transfer their data from Google Apps to Exchange 2013, 2016. Therefore, after considering the requirements of users, we have come up with two accurate solutions for Google Apps migration to Microsoft Exchange. Users can opt for any of the approaches are per their convenience.


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