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Domino Server/IBM Lotus Notes to Exchange 2013, 2016 Migration Steps

Are you looking for a solution to export Lotus Notes to Exchange 2013? Do you also want to migrate Domino Server Mailboxes to MS Exchange Server 2016? If this is so, you have landed to the right place. This blog is about the steps and ways for IBM Notes/Domino to Microsoft Exchange Server Migration. We will discuss the manual as well the automated methods for this migration process.

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino: Features Provided

Lotus Domino is an advanced, scalable and security enriched email platform delivering improved productivity, accelerated email operations and enhanced workflow. IBM Domino provides the users with the following facilities:
  • Low ownership costs that minimize administration requirements via automated installations, automated policies and auto monitoring, which in turn helps office staff to focus on greater-value tasks
  • Infrastructure needed is minimized, thus cutting the costs by lesser use of power, memory, network bandwidth, data storage, as well as servers
  • Enriched-environment with the support of workflow-driven applications that are people-oriented, thus helping a myriad of business operations, thus delivering enhanced workflow results
  • Security-enriched environment that protects significant business assets by controlling access to, information protection and guaranteed documents authenticity

About MS Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016 Enhanced Features

  • Client-Access-Server-Role is a service running on Mailbox Server in Exchange 2016
  • Client-Access-Server-Role is a separate Exchange’s Server-Role in Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Exchange 2016 has several additions
  • MS Exchange 2016 is simplified
  • Exchange 2016’s easy deployment and management makes it an enhanced product in many different ways
  • No. of server roles are reduced to 2
  • Mailbox Server Role
  • Edge Transport Server Role
  • In Exchange 2013, all these functionalities in Mailbox-Server-role & the Client-Access-Server roles are combined
  • Archiving feature enhanced in Exchange 2016
  • Legal retention feature has been enhanced in Exchange 2016
  • eDiscovery of information is also enhanced in Exchange Server 2016
  • Searching architecture is optimized considerably for making it easy to find the information that is being stored in Exchange 2016 database in a speedy manner
  • Outlook-Web-App is replaced by Outlook-on-the-web replaces, providing updated and modern web-email-experience, specifically for devices including Smartphones & tablets
  • With Office-Online-Server deployment in Exchange 2016, Word documents, Excel sheets and PPTs can now be viewed in Outlook-for-the-web even when Office suite has not been installed there on client
  • Functionality for preventing loss of data is improved with 80 different ways added for scanning info & data within Exchange Server message flow for preventing leakage of any sensitive data and confidential info from any enterpris.

Steps to Migrate Domino Server Mailboxes/Lotus Notes to Exchange 2013

If any user has decided to migrate from IBM Notes to Microsoft Exchange, then the next question that arises is- to which version of Exchange? At the very first glance, the most obvious answer is sure to upgrade from Domino to the latest & greatest version of Exchange i.e. either Exchange 2013 or 2016.
As such there isn’t any manual method to migrate Domino to MS Exchange 2013. But, Microsoft has provided a free utility for this migration and that is Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino. The user is first allowed to send the messages and calendar requests to an Exchange user from a Domino user, within an organization. The program also shows the user or the mailbox migration of an existing Domino user to Active Directory and the Exchange.
This software has some system requirements for Lotus Domino calendaring/messaging coexistence and migration. Such as:
  • It supports Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 98.
  • Download of this program also requires 2007 Microsoft Office system.

Note: One must read the instructions to before installing the application.
To get more info about this tool visit:

When to Intervene Professional Services

If the users do not have any such extended knowledge to perform the above-explained process with guaranteed results, then one must opt for an accredited professional service like SysTools Mail Migration Wizard for this purpose to ensure Lotus Notes to Exchange Server migration easily and without any data loss.
The software export IBM Notes/Domino Server mailboxes to Live Exchange Server in few easy steps. To save your space and time, the utility also provides an option to migrate selective data from IBM Notes or Domino to MS Exchange 2013,2016 easily.

Follow the link to know about this Mail Migration Wizard in detail:

Let’s Conclude

The above article described the feature set of IBM Notes as well as MS Exchange Server 2013, 2016, along with shedding some light on the process of Domino Server Mailboxes/Lotus Notes to Exchange 2013/2016 Migration. Also, it has been suggested that if this method is not workable due to any reason, then there is always the option of turning towards professional services.


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