Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Troubleshoot Exchange Server Error 528 & 548

When Microsoft Exchange users try to perform "restore operation", they are encountered with this Exchange server error 528. Whereas, error 548 is generated indicating that server will not generate transaction log files. This blog will discuss more about the reasons behind these errors and also will elaborate some methods to resolve these errors.

Exchange Server Error 528

Error code 528 is followed by Exchange VSS Writer failure in restoring a backup which is usually shown when users perform check on integrity of log files for database recovery after restore. This Exchange server error 528 is allied to JET_ErrMissingLogFile and occurs when the Edb.log and Edb.chk files of Exchange server are missing from the Exchsrvr\Mdbdata directory.

Exchange transaction log file also referred as edb.log file holds all the changes done in database objects in Active Directory. Database engine assigns transactions to Ntds.dit database which makes sure that data can be retrieved when system or database is crashed. In case this file itself is corrupted, users may face issues as database will not be able to recover properly. Edb.chk on the other hand is checkpoint file which is used by log file in order to mark the point where updates are transferred from log file to Ntds.dit. This file is also important and if not present the system will not be able to get progress in transaction process.

Exchange Server Error 548

Error code 548 JET_errLogSequenceEndDatabasesConsistent is generally triggered after error code 519 and occurs indicating that no more transaction logs can be generated in same sequence. It also states that the databases have been recovered but all the possible log generations in current sequence are utilized.

Steps To Resolve This Error Issue

In order to get rid of this Exchange server error 528 and 548, you can follow the below mentioned steps;

  • For Error code 528, check the Application log on server where this event was reported. The description can explain more about problem occurred in Exchange VSS Writer while performing a task. Analyze these events which might help you get a resolution.
  • For error code 548, you can prefer to delete all log files along with checkpoint file and recover them from backup.
  • You can also try to recover all the databases from backup to avoid any error messages in the future.
  • Exchange environment also provides facility of various utilities which can help users to check if the configuration of server is in line with Microsoft suitable practices.
If the above solution doesn't help you to solve the error 528 or 548, then you can try SysTools Exchange Recovery Software to recover EDB file data in a healthy file.


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