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Operation Terminated with Error 528 Current Log File Missing in Exchange

This article is written for the error "Operation Terminated with Error 528 Current Log File Missing". We are going to discuss about how we can regenerated the missing log files, what could be the possible reason for getting this error.
Basically, this error occurs after any occurrence of sudden activities or any antivirus programs might not configured properly.
Operation Terminated with Error 528 Current Log File Missing in Exchange

Reason for getting JET_errMissingLogFile 528 or 548 Current Log File Missing

The main reason for getting this kind of error is when there is any sudden power failure or fluctuations occur during Exchange server running state. Then the current log file on which work would be going on would be missed automatically sometimes. In this case there are two different log file which could be missed, one log file is that log file which is the main log file on which all current operation are being saved and the other log file is a temp log file. Temp log file keeps record of those records which are being written currently.
Sometimes, running an antivirus program could also lead into current log file missing error. There might be an improper antivirus configuration in your Exchange server.

Resolution to the Error 528 Current Log File Missing

There are several ways by which you can recover the Exchange server from Error 528 current log file missing, which are mentioned following.
  1. First of all check whether the Antivirus is properly configured in your Exchange Server or not. For this, you have to check the quarantine program whether it is enabled or not. If not enabled, then enable it. Because, when quarantine program is not enabled then Exchange Server is considering all log files as a virus infected file, and delete all the current log files. So, like this an antivirus program could lead the Exchange server towards the crashed situation.
  2. Therefore, first of all go to the Antivirus settings and enable the quarantine program. Then Stop all the services of Exchange Server, and move the log files from below mentioned location to another folder.
    p:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA\E0000000.log
  3. Now, delete all files which are having .log extension and then check at same location there should be three file remaining. Those are named as res1.log, res2.log, & e00.chk
  4. Now, finally start all services of Exchange server and check whether it has started working or not.

If, still you find that the current log file missing error is not resolved then there could be chance of Exchange database EDB file corruption. You have to recover the corrupted Exchange database either with the help of running ESEUTIL Command or New-MailboxRepairRequest command. Both commands could be used for repairing the corrupt Exchange server mailboxes. But there is a big difference between both commands. For repairing the corrupted mailboxes using ESEUTIL Command, you have to disconnect the database, which will lead into a big downtime of Exchange server. But in the same way, if you run New-Mailbox-Repair-Request command then you need not to disconnect the database and there won't be any downtime of Exchange server.
If you still couldn't repair the database then you should use any third party tool to repair corrupt Exchange database file.


In this article, we have had a discussion about fixing the error JET_errMissingLogFile 528 or 548 Current Log File Missing in Exchange server. Cause of which Exchange server have stopped working. We discussed the reason for occuring this error and the ways by which it could be resolved easily. And at last if everything fails then user must have to repair the corrupted database of Exchange.


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