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Microsoft ActiveSync Not Connecting: Troubleshoot Exchange Error 1202

Exchange Error 1202

An ActiveSync in Exchange is a protocol that enables users to connect with Exchange 2013/10 mailboxes via mobile device. The synchronization process involves reconciling of items between the Exchange mailbox and a device. However, a situation occurs where the Exchange 2010 mailboxes are unable to connect with phone and throws a message: Microsoft ActiveSync Not Connecting (Error 1202).

Methodologies to Fix Exchange Error 1202

There are several solutions by which users can resolve this issue. The approaches are dependent upon different factors and situations. Therefore, one can opt for any of the equipped methodology as per their needs and Exchange environment.

1. For A Normal Exchange 2010/13 User

  • Set Authentication Using IIS Manager
    1. In the Client Access Server, open IIS Manager 
    2. Note: It is impossible to set ActiveSync feature in the Mailbox server
    3. Look for a virtual directory i.e., Microsoft-server-activesync
    4. Click on Authentication from mid pane of the current window
    5. Enable the Basic Authentication option to fix ActiveSync not connecting (Error 1202)
  • After all this, you have to restart IIS with help of following steps :
    1. Open Start menu and click on Run
    2. In the command prompt area, execute iisreset /noforce text
  • Now it is the time to perform two operations for assigning permissions i.e.,
    1. Under the system folder, check Allow Inherit Permissions from AD user and computers
    2. Explore the “Microsoft-server-activesync” directory and then on Authenticated users, add read, read write permissions
  • Recreate a virtual directory i.e., "Microsoft-server-activesync" In order to resolve ActiveSync Not Connecting (Error 1202), you have to utilize following virtual directories:
    • Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory
    • Remove-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory
    • New-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory
    • Set-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory
  • Once you are done with recreation of virtual directory, again restart IIS with above provided steps.

2. When 1202 Error Impact is on One or More Users

There can be a situation that one or more users are facing this ActiveSync Not Connecting Error 1202. In such case one needs to verify that the object permissions are not having any connectivity issues. So, following steps will be helping you in verifying the discussed concern:
  1. Launch Active Directory Users and Computers wizard
  2. Click on View and then select Advanced Features
  3. Navigate towards the user object and then, double-click for viewing the properties
  4. Click on Security tab and then on Advanced button
  5. Note: Check that the Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent is enabled or not. If not then, enable it for successful execution of upcoming instructions.
  6. Use following steps to enable the ActiveSync mailbox logging on CAS:
    1. Launch Windows Explorer and then browse towards the Sync folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\Sync)
    2. Generate a copy of web.config file
    3. Open web.config file by Notepad and make changes to the following text portion :

    4. Now open IIS Manager and expand the server to select Application Pools
    5. Right click on MSExchangeSyncAppPool and then hit on Stop button
    6. Right click on MSExchangeSyncAppPool and click on Start
    7. Launch the Exchange Management Shell wizard and run following command:

  7. It is not possible that ActiveSync component reaches to the destination, as per requirement. Users will have to assure one thing that request and response is properly sent and received as the demand.
Finally, a proper synchronization will be established between the mobile and an Exchange 2013/10 mailbox. Users should be known from entire virtual directory of the Exchange server and then only they will be able to perform tasks.

Time to Wrap Up

The blog discusses two main solutions to fix ActiveSync Not connecting (Error 1202). Besides these two, there are many other approaches also that permit people to troubleshoot the issue. On the basis of Exchange environment and other technical aspects, client can rely on any of the rendered workaround.

Exchange Error 1202


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