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New-MailboxExportRequest Exchange 2010 Couldn't Connect to The Source Mailbox

The MS Exchange Server has a feature to export the contents of a primary mailbox or archive to a PST file with the help of New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet. User can create more than one mailbox export request per mailbox and each mailbox export request should have a unique name. There is also an option to remove existing export request by using the Remove-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet provided by the Exchange Server. Sometimes, user may have issue while trying to use the New-MailboxExportRequest and may get error that it could not connect to the source mailbox. The blog will be discussing about the solution on how we can fix the same issue and use New-MailboxExportRequest feature effectively.

Error - Couldn’t connect to the Source Mailbox

The user of Exchange Server may not be able to use the feature to export the contents of a primary mailbox to an Outlook PST file using New-MailboxExportRequest. Due to some issues, user may not be able to export mailbox to PST file using New-MailboxExportRequest displaying the following error “Could not connect to the source mailbox.” The following command will be entered to export the content of mailbox to a desired PST file:
New-MailboxExportRequest–Mailbox USERID–FilePath\\SERVERNAME \SHAREPATH\name.pst
For exporting a mailbox, we will use New-MailboxExportRequest command with the –Mailbox parameter, to specify the mailbox from where the contents needs to be exported along with the –FilePath parameter, and define the desired PST file to create and export data to.
In order to get more information, we can add “-Verbose” to the above command like-
New-MailboxExportRequest–MailboxUSERID–FilePath\\SERVERNAME\ SHAREPATH\name.pst-Verbose
Note: Before going for any solution first try login to Account using OWA. If you can not login to account then first resolve this error and then try to Export Mailbox. If you are able to login to OWA and still getting error "Couldn't connect to the Source Mailbox" when trying to run New-MailboxExportRequest command then you have to go to the below solution.

Fix Issue related to New-MailboxExportRequest

Most of the problem with Export-Mailbox faced by Exchange Administrators is associated with MAPI protocol. This protocol permits the access to a Microsoft Exchange Mailbox from a MAPI client like Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, the first thing to do is to check if the MAPI protocol is enabled or not as it is the core protocol that is needed for connecting to Outlook. If the user wants to export the Exchange user mailbox while it is online, user needs to check the MAPIBlockOutlookNonCachedMode feature. Following are the steps to fix the issue related to New-MailboxExportRequest:-
  • To see if the MAPI mode is enabled or not, we need to check the Client Access Server mailbox status of the user. For this, the following command can be used.
    Get-CASMailbox –Identify user name We will determine the MAPI status if it is true or false.
    Alternatively, we can check the properties of the mailbox to see if MAPI is enabled or not.
    Mailbox Properties
  • Even if the MAPI mode was True, we will stop it and set it as false using the command given below.
    Set-CASMailbox ID –MAPIBlockOutlookNonCachedMode:$false
  • Again, we need to enable it, as MAPI protocol is necessary for exporting the contents of Mailbox to Outlook PST file using the command: Set-CASMailbox ID –MAPIBlockOutlookNonCachedMode:$True
  • Now we will run the same command for exporting the Exchange mailbox data to Outlook PST file using New-MailboxExportRequest with the command:
    New-MailboxExportRequest–Mailbox USERID– FilePath\\SERVERNAME\ SHAREPATH\name.pst
  • After restarting the MAPI protocol option, we can see that we are able to export the mailbox items from Exchange Server to Outlook PST file and the error for not being able to connect to the source mailbox is not encountered anymore.


Users of the Exchange Server face issues when they try to export mailbox to pst using powershell exchange 2010 command New-MailboxExportRequest and the error that the Server could not connect to the source mailbox is generally displayed. The blog focusses on the same error and the solution on how we can fix it. The MAPI protocol needs to be enabled in order to give access to the MS Exchange mailbox from a MAPI client like MS Outlook. Even if the protocol was already enabled, the solution suggests that we will disable the MAPI mode again and enable it later for successfully exporting the mailbox to Outlook PST file. 


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