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Fix Exchange Server Jet Error Code 1601 & 1605 [Resolved]

Getting Exchange error 1601 - jet_errrecordnotfound the key was not found & operation terminated with error 1605 in Exchange 2003, 2010, 2013 ?

Learn How to Resolve Exchange Server 2003/2010/2013 Jet Error Code – 1601 and 1605

Resolving Exchange Server Jet error code 1601 and 1605, is quite a challenging task for many users. Exchange is used for the maintenance of business continuity and plays a significant role in performing cross-communication via emails. Emails have now become one of the most commons means for the exchange of crucial information. However, in some scenarios it becomes tough to access the emails in Exchange due to few unwanted error messages. Exchange error 1605 & 1601 are two such error codes that are associated with Microsoft Exchange. As soon as users encounter these error messages, they try to find out a relevant method to resolve it. However, it is not so easy to get a trustworthy trick to fix the error. This is the reason that we have come up with this blog. Here, in the upcoming part we will do a thorough study on both the Exchange error 1601 and 1605 error. Apart from this, we will also learn the solution for the same.


 Many enterprises consider Exchange as one of the trusted server because of its attractive features suite. However, working with this platform becomes complicated when the data of Exchange gets corrupted. It results in some undesirable errors making it difficult to access the data. The situation becomes more problematic when each mailbox items, from emails, notes, appointments, attachments, calendar, etc. comes to inaccessible stage.

Responsible Causes of the Jet Error 1601 and 1605 in Exchange 2003, 2010, 2013

"Operation terminated with error -1605” or "Operation terminated with error -1601 after 2.354 seconds”

These errors are known as Jet errors. Administrator of Exchange must be aware about the Jet error in Exchange, as these are common. Let us go through the causes of both error codes Exchange error 1605 & 1601 one by one.

Reason of Exchange Error Code 1601

This error can occur due to two reasons for Exchange 2010 error 1601 - jet_errrecordnotfound the key was not found.

  • One is at the time of creating an inbuilt tool for examining and repairing of the database, but the edition of inbuilt program is unsure about it or STM and EDB both files have dissimilar structure. 
  • Another reason for Exchange error 1601 is the corruption in Exchange EDB file structure.

Reason of Exchange Error Code 1605

The above ” error operation terminated with error 1605 ” is notified after the exit of Eseutil/p during the process of EDB files repairing. This happens commonly when Eseutil utility rebuilds B-trees inappropriately.
Let us consider a query to understand the issue faced by a user at time of EDB file corruption:

“Accessing data on MS Exchange was always been an easy task for me. However, from last two days I am getting some error messages. Two days before, I was trying to access the attachments from an email, but it shows an error like “Operation terminated with error 1605.” Then, I thought to try it once again, but again get the same error. It was the second time I am getting any error in Exchange. Now, I attempted all possible methods to fix the error, but nothing works. Therefore, I am looking for a quick trick to get out of this trouble as soon as possible. Can anyone help me out on Exchange 2010 error 1605?”

Solutions of Error Code 1601 and 1605 in Exchange Server

One of the well-known utility that helps in the repairing of Exchange database is Eseutil. However, in case of Exchange error 1601 and 1605, this tool fails to repair the damaged or unhealthy EDB files. This is because both the error code indicates a major or severe level of corruption. Now, in order to fix the error, it is recommended to use all the steps as mentioned below:

  • First, you need to get the recent service pack of Microsoft Exchange server in case you do not have it. 
  • If you have the updates backup of data, then you can use it for the restoration of the database. Moreover, you need not have to worry at all in such situation as backup can take you out from this situation easily. 
  • In case, you do not have the backup of the database, then you are left with one option i.e. take the help of third party utility. Now, choosing a right software is very important is such situations. SysTools is the suggested tool. It mainly focuses on the repair exchange edb file Exchange and keeps your database safe and secure. The tool has the ability to recover any EDB file regardless of the level of corruption it has. In addition, it does not have any limitation and used by many professionals too.

The Bottom Line

As the matter of fact that Exchange error 1601 & 1605 are frequent, but fixing them is tough, we have introduced a best trick to resolve Exchange Server Jet error code 1601 and 1605. With the help of this product, it becomes very easy and simple to protect your data from corruption and the associated Exchange error 1605 & 1601.


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