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Top 5 Exchange Server Issues and Solutions to Resolve These Problems

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most protected communication platforms used in the business arena and it offers many helpful features like complete email and calendars. But this does not mean that MS Exchange mailboxes and the data that is stored within them will not get corrupted or damaged suddenly. This blog will explain some of the Exchange Server issues and the technique to resolve these problems easily and also helps the users to recover Exchange mailbox without in a reliable manner and without any hassle.

Issues and Errors of Exchange Server

Error 1018 in MS Exchange

The page-level corruption that is found in EDB files results in exchange error 1018 ‘JET errReadVerifyFailure’. The exchange database essentially is an array of 4KB, 8 KB, 12 KB, 16KB pages that are organized in a B-tree structure. For a faster page traversal, the page in the database needs to be pointed to the next or previous page. The header section accommodates the first two pages of the exchange database and therefore the first logical page is the third consecutive page. Page checksum is an important concept just like the page number. The resulting value of the mathematical calculation is mentioned in each page’s header section. When the page turns corrupt due to mismatch then this value becomes unreadable. The Exchange error 1018 is caused by errors with NTFS file system, writing checksum at a different location, overwritten data or incorrect calculation of the checksum. One of the most crucial Exchange Server Issues.

Error 1216 in Exchange

MS Exchange’s error 1216 ‘JET errAttachedDatabaseMismatch’ is appeared when header-info-assessment, as well as the log files, specify that some of the crucial files are either removed or modified. The error message is received when the running Storage Group suddenly stops. The Storage Group may start when a recovery method is executed but with loss or deletion of some files. Then it becomes impossible to enter the lost information in the storage group. Sometimes when the Storage Group is restarted inconsistency is found in the header information.

Exchange’s Dirty-Shutdown Error

The transaction log files track every single addition or modification of data made to the database. The smooth functioning of the Exchange database gets hindered by the inconsistency in the transaction log files. The database may not start in some severe cases and this affects the whole environment of the server. The reasons for these Exchange Server issues are many and sometimes it may be due to the improper shutting down of the server resulting in a ‘dirty shutdown’ state.

Unable-to-Mount-the-Database Error

An Exchange Server error message may sometimes appear while mounting the Mailbox Store when the database exists in inconsistent-state and then it is restored from backups. The statement of this error message in Exchange that you receive is as follows.
The error message is mainly due to the missing transaction log files and this result in one of the Exchange Server issues which are dirty shutdown state of the Exchange database.

Exchange Error 1056749110

Each administrator has to perform the primary task of migration of exchange mailboxes. Sometimes the process fails during the course of the operation and then you get the displayed error code as- 1056749110. The exchange error 1056749110 is displayed as:

This error means that the mailbox has the corrupt items and results in some of the most commonly occurred Exchange Server issues.

Recovery Techniques

Recovery of mailboxes using Windows server backup can be carried out by several techniques and various stages that can be implemented are:
  •  Exchange server Mailbox database backup;
  •  Exchange database restoration to an alternate location; 
  • To bring restored database to clean shutdown state using Eseutil Create an Exchange Server Recovery database
  • Restore mailbox items from recovery database
But, these manual techniques are quite complex and time-consuming for a non-technical user. A small error may lead to data corruption, These Manual Techniques are in fact, not 100% reliable. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the users to use Third-party Exchange Recovery utility to overcome these Exchange Server issues and problems.

The Use of Third-Party Tools

The manual method to recover Exchange Server problems involves a lengthy and complicated process. These methods are no doubt the free ones and do not cost a dime, but what they cost is huge; they cost your time, energy and effort and along with that constant threat of data loss hovers on head along with corruption threats too. Also, it involves considerable risk of data loss. So the use of third-party tools like SysTools Exchange Recovery Software helps in rectifying the errors in a secure, reliable and error-free manner.


The common Exchange server issues affecting the server’s environment is highlighted in this blog. The consequences of several Microsoft Exchange errors as well as issues are explained here as well as the suggestion that is an automated Mailbox Exchange Recovery solution that is compatible with all the Exchange versions.


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