Monday, August 21, 2017

Exchange Error 1056749110: Move/Restore Failed Error [Resolved]

How to Fix Exchange Error 1056749110 in Best Possible Way

There are various tasks that an Exchange Administrator needs to execute such as restoring, migration of Exchange mailboxes on server, etc. Although many of it covers up a typical script set, which is essential to run with some minor tweaks. In the following segment, we will discuss error occurred in the step moving messages issue faced by the users. So, to remove Exchange Error 1056749110, follow the below mentioned steps.

Glance on Move/Restore Failed Error

If the mailbox restores operation fails with an error code 1056749110 then, one will face the following error code:

This issue comes up due to presence of corrupted data items in Exchange mailbox. While the restore operation is executed then, if corrupt items are there in Exchange mailbox, the implementation retries the whole operation numerous times. However, it simply gives up after some limits of retrial efforts and gives this error message.

Techniques to Fix Exchange Error 1056749110

We can fix the occurrence of Move/Restore failed error with two ways as mentioned:

Method 1: Using Restore-Mailbox Commands

Firstly, it is important to restore the mailbox from RSG to production mailbox by using a command:

As we have deliberately picked mailbox, which has corrupted data items then, this command is predictable to fail with Exchange error 1056749110. In manner to avoid this command from failing, simply add BadItemLimit change to command as follows:

The BadItemLimit switch says that the command to skip bad or corrupted items in the mailbox. Number the following; switch is total number of data items to be avoided. The legal input range for such switch is 0 to 2,147,483,647.
Limitation - The above-method is quiet length and requires proper technical knowledge over it to execute the procedure.

Method 2: Trouble-Free Method

To overcome from all the issues faced by the above process, there is a software namely, SysTools Exchange Recovery Software. The application is simple, easy, as well as interactive to utilize. The software is programmed in such a way that it makes easy to fix corrupt EDB file. The application is operable on all Windows OS (both 32 and 64-bit). The utility offers various advanced features to execute the recovery process in an efficient manner. The application supports all Exchange server editions to repair the EDB files and remove Move/Restore failed error. The utility retrieves the data from both public and private folders. Not only this, after recovering the complete database it gives an option to store the data in Live Exchange server, PST, EML, MSG, OR PDF format. The utility gives a feature to recover the selective or bulk data at once. The application preserves the data integrity in exact form after conversion of data in exact form.

Noteworthy Features

• Recovers the data from Dismount and Offline EDB files.
• Retrieves the deleted mails from MS Exchange mailbox.
• Offers date and time-based filtering of Exchange data.
• Provides dual scanning option- Quick and advance scanning.
• Gives multiple file naming options for saving resultant data.

Final Words

There you can go when you face the Exchange Error 1056749110 as the above-discussion, will be helpful for you to execute the recovery process to remove error occurred in the step moving messages issue. However, do not forget to implement the process by utilizing the usage of automated solution.


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