Thursday, April 12, 2018

How to Export Exchange Contacts to Outlook 2010 - Step by Step Guide

Want to move Contacts stored in user Mailboxes along with Exchange to Outlook PST format user can access details even user is Offline. As Power-shell commands are complex for a naive user and with Exchange Admin center user can export complete exchange mailboxes that include information of other section resulted in a large .pst file

Reason to Move Contacts of Exchange to Outlook Address Book

Since various scenarios occur when Exchange user need to export contacts details of user to Outlook format, some of the possibble reason are given below:

a) One of the Ground reason for saving user contact into outlook PST format ios corruption issues in Exchange database and other issues such as "Server Failure, Hardware issue, Not able to access Exchange" errors.
b) Need to Convert Exchange Contacts in another file format such as “CSV or Excel” accepted by different Devices Mobile Devices, Email Application (Outlook). 

Query1: Can I user Power-Shell command to move the terminated users Outlook Contacts to a CSV from Exchange Online?
Query2: Need to export Exchange contacts from outlook 2010 versions, is it possible with the help of PowerShell command or not?

Export Exchange Contacts to Outlook via SysTools Exchange Exporter

To view Exchange Contacts to CSV or Excel file format, a user need to first convert them into PST format that can be easily imported to Outlook Application. After importing all user contacts details into Outlook Address Book, a user can go for import/Export Wizard option of outlook to convert them into CSV File format and CSV File can also easily converted into Excel file format.
Follow the complete Guide Step by Step so that, you can view the all contacts user perfectly without any data loss as contact file information such "Username, Personal details, Office details, Company Details" and many more.

Download the Demo Version of Exchange Exporter to Move Exchange Contacts to Outlook

  • Step1: After Downloading the software, launch the software. 
  • Step2: Now You to provide details such as Admin Credentials such as “Admin SMTP Address, Password, Active Directory IP and Exchange Server IP, Server Version” and additional details such as “include Sub-domain user”.

  • Step3: From Security purpose, now software verify the credentials so that given by user. When all the details are correct, them tool display the all the mailboxes of the user stored in Exchange Mailbox.

  • Step 4: Now Select Desired Mailboxes to export stored Contacts to Outlook File Format.

  • Step 5: Software displays Different Section of Mailboxes such as “Email, Calendar, Tasks, Journal, Notes” and Most import Contacts Details.

  • Step 6: Since We need to Export Contacts to Outlook application, select the “Contacts Section” and uncheck the other Category section.

  • Step7: Now Browse the Location to store the data into PST file so that data can be exported into Outlook Application to view user details.

  • Step 8: To easily understand, how many items exported into PST format, Tool displays completed report and offer to save in CSV File format to cross-check the desired number of items exported or not.

  • Step 9: Now Open Outlook application and Select open Import/ Export wizard to import the resulted PST File to view the exported contacts from Exchange mailboxes. While importing Contacts from PST File, it offers an option to allow duplicate contacts or not. Also, you need to map the Contacts field first. 

  • Step10: Now View the user contacts details in Outlook application and to export into CSV File format, you can again use "Import/Export" Wizard to save in vCard or another format so that easily used in Mobile devices and email application that import CSV File format.

  • Final Observation

    As Contacts details of the users in any Exchange application plays import role as it stored all information related to users Since Sometimes Administrator needs to export user details into another file format so that easy access in another file format such as Excel or CSV File format. For that user need to first export exchange contacts to Outlook, first so that easily access converted.

    To perform this complex activity without any Power-Shell Command of Exchange Admin Centre that move all the data of Mailboxes into Outlook PST Format. To Convert only Contacts of Exchange Mailboxes, try the Systools Exchange Exporter Software that developed to export data into PST format section-wise, that help user to export desired Contacts section as well as other section of mailboxes such as Emails, Tasks, Calendar and Tasks and Journal Section.


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